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Need a Web App?

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Lets start building your web app

Let Flavour Designs put your mobile app development & design in motion? We have the tools to get your App idea on IOS platform. You might need it to help you run your business, or a practical use or even to entertain people in the form of a game.

Whatever the reason you need you are going to need an Iphone app developer capable of getting your ideas into the app world, based on your goals and your budget. So get ready strap yourself in give us a shout you are already on your way to getting your app off the ground.

Do you know what a web app is?

There are many various platforms that we can develop a web app on. HTML5, Javascript, PHP, Java, Silverlight etc…

There are many different technologies that are used to create web apps of many different types. Flash, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, Java, Silverlight, web services vs dedicated applications… what qualifies as a web app and what doesn’t? A web application is an application utilising web and web browser technologies to accomplish one or more tasks over a network, typically through a web browser.

Application software also known as an “app”, is basically computer software designed to help users complete a task.

The Chrome Web Store Confusion

With the introduction to the Chrome Web Store (CWS), web apps are being introduced in a more organized and formal manner to people without a full understanding of what a “web app” is and will typically apply their understanding of desktop apps instead.

So what now?

So whether you need a web app or a native app, Flavour Designs are able to assist you with all your needs. Our experienced developers are ready to take on your project and create a professional website and promote your brand in the correct way.