ECommerce and Website design

When it comes to Online ECommerce and Website design, every decision you make has consequences. Flavour Designs has grown substantially into one of the leading E Commerce web development companies in South Africa. Our developers are certified by all major web platforms and have a vast experience in E Commerce web development.

We have a dedicated Graphic design team, that design trendy but more importantly, fast and dynamic E Commerce websites.
How did we get there? By listening. It’s a significant cog in our process. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas about your brand, your products your customers. We want to hear your goals for growth, your ambitions. We want to listen to you talk big. Then we’ll work together to distill your ideas into real-world solutions that work for your brand, and your customers. Our vision is simple: to exceed expectations.

What now..

We are situated in Johannesburg, that doesn’t however limit us from international sales. We have great systems which allow us to be in contact with our clients 24/7.

The number 1 goal at Flavour is to create responsive ecommerce sites, we do not charge additional for responsive as it is bundled with our packages. Our solutions are extremely reasonable and our start to go live time is exceptional. Make your website heard across all responsive platforms Responsive Websites

As of 2013, an estimated 40% of the population worldwide access internet via mobile phones and other handheld devices. Responsive website design is a recent breakthrough in website development and design. It allows for a single version of the website to be adaptable across all platforms. Responsive Websites are becoming increasingly essential for all companies wishing to promote there brand online.

Let us help you grow your business Ecommerce Development

At Flavour Designs we do not throw our clients into the deep end. We build all our Ecommerce websites until you as the customer are happy. We dont believe in customers having to learn our skills and we get our clients to concentrate on marketing there business. With our Responsive Ecommerce Websites comes a great deal of coding and Flavour Designs take care of everything for you. Contact us for your Ecommerce Website Design package now.