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Top 10 Imperative Features of Magento:

By September 1, 2014 September 1st, 2014 No Comments

1) Magento extensions are the best part of this platform. They allow you to include extra functionalities in your online stores. 

2) You can integrate your online store with as many as 50 payment gateways.

3) Magento supports many different languages and currencies which means that store owners can sell their products and services to customers all over the world without worrying about what the currency or language barriers are. The shopping cart makes it easy to manage all the products as well.

4) There is built in natural search optimisation, easily editable metadata, and social shopping tools which are features for SEO included in Magento.

5) Magento also offers other features like: A user friendly interface, product details, category integration, database management, and payment gateways.

6) Using core installation means that all your stores can be configured to use one SSL and check out process. This is better than ordering expensive wildcard SSL certificates or creating and configuring several checkout forms and pages.

7) Customers can compare products and this helps them make a better purchase decision. Each customer can also review a product thats been purchased.

8) The “ship to multiple Addresses” functionality allows for customers to ship products to multiple addresses in one transaction.

9) Automatic feeds to RSS; integration with Google analytics, and a host of reporting features help in better product promotion.

10) There are many Magento themes and templates available to make your online stores looks better. You can even customise them to represent your business.