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Magento Website Design Specials.

magento website specials

Why Magento?

Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platform. As a result of their growth, Magento have become one of the most well recognised brands within the eCommerce industry and have secured a large community following:

  • Easy integrations with 3rd party sites
  • Special tools and features
  • Multi-Store capabilities
  • Customisation
  • Regular updates

Magento eCommerce is a professional open-source eCommerce website platform that offers our clients a complete flexible and control of the way they want their website to look, content and functionality to have. Magento has a backend system that contains powerful, search engine optimization and catalog-management tools to you the opportunity to create powerful sites to tailor make your needs.

Magento platform performs a great variety of features that will satisfy high demands of any customer starting from basic webshop and with no limitations for huge, deeply integrated systems. Magento has great capabilities for customizations and building any functionalities above core, that gives possibility to create outstanding eCommerce systems.

Our Magento Website solutions are very affordable. All our Magento eCommerce website packages are responsive.

Why we use Magento?

Regardless of the size of your business, Magento can confidently meet and exceed your expectations.

As the business grows and expanded functionality is needed, Magento will rise to the call. The Magento eCommerce platform gives control to the admin and other users on the account. You control how the site works, you have the power.

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Search Engine Optimisation

No matter how great your online eCommerce store, it’s only useful if people find it. Magento is able to lend a helping hand as it comes with search engine optimisation (SEO) tools built in.

Its SEO-friendly nature means you have total control over URLS and Meta data, and it auto-generates a site map and a popular search terms page.

All of this equals more visibility for your store and the increased chance of connecting with those who want your products.

A Simple Platform

We use Magento as our eCommerce platform of choice as it’s simple enough for even novices to use while providing robust services and everything needed for a professional online store. The Magento eCommerce system has a host of built-in tools that streamline your marketing and sales efforts all in one location.

Magento integrates effortlessly with a variety of third-party sites, so you can receive payments or mail shipments with ease. Magento is simple for you to manage and also provides user-friendly navigation for your customers.

Your customers can search for a product, filter results and receive a list of suitable products. Such quick, effortless online service encourages sales and keeps people on your page!

The Magento eCommerce platform is open source and comes “out of the box” with literally hundreds of features to allow you to hit the ground running. Popular features include:

  • Wish lists
  • Product search
  • Blog
  • Stock availability
  • Photo gallery
  • Upsells and cross sells
  • Associated products