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10 Ways to improve internal communication

By September 1, 2014 September 1st, 2014 No Comments

Which one mistake do companies make the most in managing their employees? Lack of communication between staff and management is the biggest mistake made.

1) Encourage sharing, input and dialogue: Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.38.22 PM
Good internal communication flows in two ways. Teach people to give feedback on information they get. Create and reward open dialogue.

2) Have managers lead by example:
If you want your employees to communicate, make sure that the leaders do it first. Tel your managers to share, comment, give feedback and answer.

3) Get employee buy-in:
Show and provide value to employees. Excite them about the cause of sharing information.

4) Make objectives and goals public:
Publish company, team and personal goals online and make them visible. Research OKR – Objectives and Key results – a successful process that is used by Google.

5) Use online tools instead of meetings:
Meetings are often the biggest waste of time. Reduce that time by using online team update and reporting tools.

6) Establish regular processes:
Gone are the times of big information blasts. People want granular real-time updates. Make communication a weekly process with defined rules.

7) Train people in the language of sharing:
Writing well is a learned skill. Explain what it entails. Most people have to be trained to write for others, not themselves.
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8) Use mobile tools:
Most people get their information nowadays on the go. Provide tools for internal work-related sharing on phones and tablets.

9) Survey your employees:
To get answers and know current state, run regular employee surveys.

10) Listen:
Listening is often more important than publishing information. Encourage input from all ranks.